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From: Simon Pratt

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Let's face it, everyone in a home business wants high quality opportunity seeker leads. What they don't want is the high price normally associated with them. Got Leads Pro has developed methods to get you the quality opportunity seeker leads you need at a price you can afford. By utilizing cutting edge lead generation technology... Got Leads Pro gathers top quality home based business opportunity leads and then passes the savings on to you.

By Using Got Leads Pro, Your Business

Every lead comes from the United States and includes:

  • Full Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Home Address
  • Gender
  • IP Address
  • Time Stamp
  • Date

It's very dangerous to make your list purchase decision based on price alone....

Cheap lists are generally old and over-used and in many cases haven't been updated in months or even years, resulting in no responses and a very large number of undeliverables. Remember - you always get what you pay for...

Whether you order 6,500 or 50,000 leads you will receive the same prompt and efficient service. We will carefully fill and record your order to avoid sending you any duplicate leads when you re-order we'll RUSH-DELIVER your leads to you, usually within 24 hours! In addition, every name we sell is backed by our NO-NONSENSE GUARANTEE. [ guarantee details ]

Won't you give our good leads a try on your next mailing... our minimum order is just 6,500 leads (the minimum recommended test number) and we know our prices can't be beat for leads of this quality. Please take a look at our price list. I am sure you'll be pleasantly surprised!

We look forward to serving you.

Simon Pratt

Successful marketers agree.... the single most important element of an email campaign is a fresh, responsive mailing list...

You must have a good offer of course, but the list you use could make or break you. Your offer will really pay off with our up-to-the-minute list of super-responsive opportunity seekers. If you mail Money-Making or Multi-Level offers we can supply you with top-notch, hotline leads at unbeatable prices!

The people on our list are a combination of buyers and inquiries who have responded to direct-mail offers or to "opportunity" ads in national publications such as "Income Opportunities", "Entrepreneur", "Money Making Opportunities", "Spare Time", "Extra Income" and many others. These are live prospects for money-making offers of all kinds.

"They'll fill your bank account with cash!"

Every name we sell is a qualified income opportunity seeker. Each person on the list has shown a strong desire to pursue money-making opportunities and many of them have spent their hard-earned money on products, programs and services which they believe will make them more financially secure.... these are all ideal prospects for any offers which can show them how to make more money - if what you're mailing can help them, they'll fill your mailbox with cash!

Our leads are carefully maintained and are updated on a daily basis to assure you of the very latest leads for your mailings. We stand behind our leads with the best cash guarantee in the business.

Often imitated but never duplicated...

List brokers offer leads such as these for as much as $100 per 1,000, and their minimum order is usually 5,000. What's worse is that their leads can be as much as 2-3 years old--it's true! The names on our email list are a maximum of 30 days old, many only days old. They are fresh, alive and eager to receive your offers and you may order as few as 6,500 of our direct marketing leads to try without risking a huge investment!

Because we sell only fresh, up-to-date lists, we can supply a maximum of 50,000 new leads each month. We sell strictly limited numbers of each lead so that our lists are never overworked.

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I understand you will replace each undeliverable
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